In Defence of Advertising

Broadcast date: Saturday April 26, 2008

After thirty years of hearing “I hate advertising”, Terry’s springing to the defense of his industry. Will he argue that all advertising is great? No. But he will make a case that maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t suck as much as some people like to think.

This week, Terry O’Reilly tugs on Superman’s cape, he spits in the wind; more recently he was seen inquiring as to the whereabouts of the Lone Ranger. In this surly frame of mind, Terry makes the case of the defence of advertising in modern culture. By the magic of radio, he’ll show you what the world would be like… if advertising had never been born. Then he’ll take you on a tour, and show you why an ad-free world might not be the cultural paradise some might imagine.


The Strategy of Persuasion

How did General Isaac Brock and the great chief Tecumseh capture Fort Detroit in 1812- though outnumbered nearly two-to-one? The same way today’s brands nestle themselves in your brain: strategy. This week, Terry O’Reilly examines one of the most vital- and least understood- facets of the world’s $600 billion marketing industry.

He’ll explain the strategy that changed the fortunes of the Paris Metro, how the strategy of changing one word ignited one of the continent’s fastest-growing industries; and he’ll explain why “second place” in your mind can be the best place for some brands to reside.

Crowd Control

This week, Terry O’Reilly explores the evolving relationship between marketers and audiences, and how modern media have made audiences the product, and advertisers the buyer. While all art craves an audience: in the age of persuasion, ad-driven media exist for the purpose of procuring an audience, and delivering it to advertisers. Terry examines the business of audience research, and explains how studies of “demographics” and “psychographics”, are giving way to a new classification: social “tribes”.

Award in Edgewise

(Originally aired April 26, 2007)

Try Googling the phrase “Award-Winning”. Go on; we’ll wait. See? 71 million hits. Join Terry O’Reilly – wait- the “award winning” Terry O’Reilly – as he explores the persuasive power of those two little words in our culture. He’ll play- yes- award-winning ads, and examine the self-congratulatory side of our culture.